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When it comes to advertising online, it's not always all about the words you use, but about the words you choose to understand while creating your ad campaign.
Glossary of Terms
 As your company begins to learn about advertising on the Internet, certain terms and related jargon will come up rather frequently. While other search engines hound potential sponsors with aggressive salespeople who use these terms as forms of buyer intimidation, presents them in plain, simple terms
-- viewable from any web browser!

Actuals - The term "actuals" refers loosely to one of several methods of billing that a search engine might practice. Most sites can tell potential advertisers in advance exactly how many impressions will be served during a particular month. They then have sponsors sign a contract agreeing to purchase that number of impressions over a 3, 6, or 12 month period. If a greater or smaller number of impressions ends up being delivered during any given month, the advertiser is still billed for the agreed upon amount with any deficiency being made up for only during the last month. In contrast, those search engines who charge advertisers based on "actuals" will bill for a different amount each month -- reflecting only the amount of impressions actually delivered.

Click Through Ratio - Nope, it's not hard geometry! It's actually simple mathematics. Take the number of times a sponsor's banner is displayed and divide it by the number of people who actually click on it. The resulting % is the advertiser's click through rate -used to measure the success of their online ad campaign. Most search engines provide their sponsors with private site locations to log in and check related campaign performance statistics.

CPM - Cost per thousand banner displays. A $9/cpm rate means that a sponsor will be charged $9 for every 1,000 times their banner is shown.

Creatives - This term is used to describe banner ads created by the sponsor and sent to the search engine's placement team. Really, it's just another term for "banners!"

General Rotation or Run Of Site (ROS) - This form of banner advertising is the most untargeted of all but it's also the least expensive! It implies that the sponsor's ads will be run in circulation randomly around the search engine's various pages without targeting any particular section of the site.

Impressions - Each time an advertiser's banner is displayed, one "impression" is counted. 

Insertion Order - Presumably clever salespeople tend to use this terminology to replace the less appealing word for what they are actually sending you to sign: a contract!

Targeted Banners - Although a bit higher in price, targeted banners offer sponsors the unique opportunity to select the specific category pages on which their banners will appear OR to select particular keywords that, when search for, will produce results with that sponsor's banner displayed.

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It's ironic that in today's troubled Internet market, there are still so many older search engines whose sales reps seem to rush new prospects off the telephone or who are even turned off to a sale when their buyer asks "too many" basic questions. At we believe that Internet advertising shouldn't be a mystery reserved only for the privileged few who have taken courses in the "new" media's awkward jargon. In fact, we're even proud to display definitions for some of the industry's most commonly used terms right here! Make YOUR campaign as successful as possible and know the facts before you advertise!!!

As intelligent as Azoos is, his wisdom couldn't possibly predict every question that might be roaming the minds of Internet advertisers. If you have a concern not addressed in the text of our web pages, please don't hesitate to let us know! Click here to launch an auto-addressed email to our advertising department and expect a detailed reply within just 3-5 business days (usually much less!) Please be specific with respect to your question's content and don't forget to proofread before submitting (We'd like to be sure we understand your query fully so that our reply is as worthwhile to YOU as possible!) If you're ready to begin your ad campaign right away, just fill out our fast, easy online request form and an Azoos rep will contact you directly! Click here!

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