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The old saying "If you build it, they will come" simply doesn't apply to the Internet. If your site isn't listed with the web's various search engines, it is extremely unlikely that anyone is going to find it. List your site with Azoos!

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  2. Personalized access: A unique user name and password will be assigned allowing you to edit the content of your listing as often as YOU like!

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  It is unfortunate that most search engines are so unclear about what it takes to ensure that your site gets included in their database. Some actually have the audacity to inform users that inclusion may require a "few weeks" while noting that a submitted site may never even get listed at all! So what's an e-business to do? Count the days and weeks.. never certain when time is "up"..checking..and checking...just to verify whether a site ever gets listed?!!? And what if it never does? Surely there's no recourse for the e-business that gets left behind! Of course, there are a few engines willing to "guarantee" that they will review your site in either 2 days or 2 weeks for a few hundred dollars or more. But those engines still refuse to guarantee placement upon such review and even worse, they hire editors to re-write your site's title & description fields - often creating bland and unimaginative listings that aren't worth a dime!  That will NEVER happen at Azoos--! We believe that the best descriptions are those written by site owners themselves--who have worked hard to build their companies and who understand the content of their web pages. We strive to take everything that is wrong with those other engines and make it "all right" with ours! GUARANTEES that your website WILL BE included in our categorical listings instantly using YOUR own description-- edited only for typographical errors or questionable content! Better still, your site will be spidered and multiple pages from it will be added to our full search engine database with meta tag/content descriptions in 24 hours or less! 

Remember: NO days of waiting!... 

...and no reviewers writing bland descriptions of your site "for" you! offers fast, easy exposure to a genuine internet seller's market. Add your homepage and open new doors to high site traffic..... TODAY!!!

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Azoos offers a promise that few other search engines can even come close to matching: We WILL visit your site and add it to our database instantly! Seconds after you submit your site, you'll be able to find it listed in the particular category you selected! Next, our spider will follow your internal links and add a large number of sub-pages from your site to our searchable index in the 24 hours that follow your initial submission! By adding your site to Azoos today, you can begin receiving traffic within the next few minutes and then enjoy even more traffic by tomorrow!!! The first URL you submit is only $89/yr for guaranteed placement! Better still, each additional URL you add to Azoos is reduced to just $79! In sum, it's difficult to imagine there being anything to lose by adding your all of your sites to TODAY! More hits from us can only equal more customers for you!!! 
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It's YOUR Site! does NOT employ a team of unseen editors writing colorless descriptions of websites submitted by our users. Unlike other search engines, we allow our customers to write their own initial drafts containing appropriate titles and descriptions of their web sites. Those same drafts are then included instantly in our category listings for visitor access. Our staff only makes revisions in cases of questionable content or typographical errors! Describe your site the way YOU want and it will appear THAT way in our categorical index within seconds! Azoos even allows YOU to select the particular category in which your site will first appear! Better still, we'll provide you with a user name and password to EDIT your own site description as often as you like! The Internet has never looked THIS good! Submit YOUR website to Azoos today and improve your company's position on the Internet in seconds!...
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