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Azoos banner ads: If you don't look good, we don't look good!
Azoos.Com focuses on implementing revolutionary banner ad campaigns that emphasize effective creative design, strategic placement, and maximum impact...
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Some search engines gear their sites towards an academic audience. Others focus on specific age or income groups. Their thinking is inherently flawed, however, as it is based only on concepts borrowed from the era of pre-Internet advertising. Demographic factors that apply to other media simply don't apply on the web. During the late 1990s, too many companies went online in search of advertising opportunities boasting demographics that had worked for them offline. But once they found and pursued such opportunities, the results were usually catastrophic. The 30-something year old executive with an attractive income and a set buying pattern offline isn't necessarily going to follow those same patterns online. Billions of dollars were invested in Internet companies and spent on Internet websites before the bubble burst and companies began to understand that their original thinking was inherently flawed.
  But indeed, the reasons for demographically targeted ad failure online are far beyond the scope of this one web page. Suffice it to say that Azoos.Com has enjoyed nothing but success while catering to the every day 'net user-- a specific niche created by the web itself-- made up of those who surf casually and who are comfortable enough with the Internet to make purchases regularly without our market researchers having to zoom in on any particular offline demography. Our audience is composed of individuals who make causal and significant purchases online; they buy gifts for others and essentials for themselves. We are proud to offer the following opportunities a for those companies looking to reach the heart of's seller's market...

General rotation - Over the years, many companies have found rotating "run of site" banners to be the most cost effective measure of online advertising. Azoos offers ROS placements at only $9/cpm for 468X60 banners (top/bottom of screen) and $5/cpm for 90X60 tile banners (side of screen). 

Keyword placement - Want your banner(s) to appear whenever a particular keyword is typed in by our users? Impressions by keyword are only $14/cpm for 468X60 banners (top/bottom of screen) and $8/cpm for 90X60 tile banners (side of screen).

Category placement - The Azoos home page features links to popular search categories showcasing only a few hand-picked and user-submitted "hot sites" in their indices. Like keyword placement, category spots sell for $14/cpm (468X60 banners top/bottom of screen) and $8/cpm for 90X60 tile banners (side of the screen).

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Your rep will advise as to the availability of individual ad products, keywords, and categories during our initial consultation. Advertisers are welcome to purchase multiple placement types and to run a variety of different banners to enhance their campaigns. All Azoos banner ad runs are billed monthly pending credit approval with the first month paid in advance via check, money order, credit card, or wire transfer. The minimum purchase per campaign is $100usd/month (combined total for all ad spots). If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know!!!

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A Seller's Market

Azoos offers online advertisers what is arguably one of the best seller's markets on the entire Internet! Our search engine's mass appeal goes one step beyond the competition in that we've worked hard to create an easy-to-use, friendly environment designed to appeal to both novice and advanced web users. The result is an *impressive* mix of dedicated web searchers & site passerbys who are comfortable enough using the Internet to make purchases and to sign up for online services. If your company is ready to reach a true seller's market rather than just another swarm of lassoed internet traffic, set up YOUR banner ad campaign up with Azoos and be up and running in just a few days!!!
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Curious about advertising with Azoos? Need to find out which spots, keywords, and categorical placements are available? Use our "contact" form to initiate conversation with a campaign specialist. Whether you're considering an ad run that might not begin for another six months or you're ready to launch banners that have to be up and running by the end of this week, you've got nothing to lose by completing our form and describing your needs! Tell us about your website and the type of banner ad you believe will be most effective in achieving your company's goals. We'll evaluate your request, put together an introductory strategy, and get back to you VERY soon!!!

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