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Fact: Virtually all Internet search engines are losing money...
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Virtually all online purchases originate in some way, shape, or form with the web's various search engines. Unless you've already spent millions of dollars offline building up brand equity and establishing a dot com name that the world remembers (and if you also happen to have no desire whatsoever to acquire any more business!), you NEED to ensure that potential customers are finding your website via text links, database listings, and via the most effective banner advertising possible. Think about it: Unless targeted customers actually see and hear your site name regularly from an offline source, how else can they really be expected to hear about you online if not from search engines!?!? Even if your company has links to your site from others in its industry, THOSE sites that point to yours still have to rely at some level on search engines referring their own visitors! Regardless of the particular instance, most web traffic can be traced back in one way or another to a search engine!

Getting down to the "nitty gritty..." 
  We've established that if you sell a product or service via the Internet, your company needs to make sure that it is listed with all of the net's search engines, directories, and related databases. But for those online business who purchase banner ad space, decisions pertaining to which web pages to invest in, which banners to run, and what sort of ad product(s) to buy can be critical to their success. It is helpful, of course, to first know how many visitors it typically takes to generate an order at the site to be advertised. Search engines generally charge for banner placement by CPMs (1 CPM = 1,000 banner displays). Sponsors of Azoos typically receive click through rates of 3-4% (meaning that for every 1,000 times a banner is shown, there is a good chance that 30-40 potential customers will click on it). At a rate of $9/CPM, an advertiser who wins over 1 customer for every 100 site visitors would, in effect, be paying about $9 for every 35 visitors we send to their site or just over $25 for every order they receive (not yet accounting for the important elements of repeat business, referrals, etc;). Thus, if the company in this hypothetical example earns more than $20 for each sale with a repeat business/referral rate of 20% or more, they would be foolish not to buy as much advertising space as is available since every 1,000 banner views purchased equals a profitable order! But knowing which ad product to buy (i.e. general rotation, keywords, etc;) can play a crucial factor in determining that company's level of success. Most internet search engines employ sales reps who only loosely explain these concepts, reel in new advertisers, and to then continually attempt to sell those same advertisers more and more banner space with little or no rationale behind their sales pitches! But Azoos breaks this mold once again and actually works with our clients, with their numbers, with their advice every step of the way in order to develop and maintain the most successful campaigns possible. Where other search engines churn out "sales reps," we take pride in creating campaign specialists. If we're going to continue to profit, we should, after all, be earning it.. by helping you get the most for your ad dollar!

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Truth: It is unfortunate but World Wide Web advertising served as one of the greatest "bursters" of the "internet bubble" at the turn of the new century. Companies whose executives had prior experience in offline media advertising rushed into the 'net game -- apparently without crunching enough numbers. They invested far more than was necessary to get results that were far less than expected. Their goals were based on old & radio advertising..and simply weren't congruent to the understanding the nature of the new media. In the late 1990s, it was not uncommon for e-businesses to pay as much as $70 or more per thousand banner views but to receive only 0.5% click through rates. In other words, some companies in the "golden age" of online advertising were paying $70 for every 50 visitors their websites received. Many of these sites had to have 1-200 visitors before even winning over ONE order.. and thus, the price of "buying" customers with banner advertising became VERY expensive. As these over-spending companies began to disappear, those search engines who were glomming off of their ad revenue, began to suffer as well. Rather than adjusting intelligently to meet the needs of sponsors, however, engines today still continue to try to increase their revenues by charging more and more for less and less. But Azoos focuses not only on cutting prices low enough for almost any of our sponsors to profit, we focus on increasing our advertiser's click through rates in order to noticeably raise the number of visitors, sales, repeat business, & referrals they receive! Avoid becoming another internet crash statistic, advertise with and work with experts who have see the industry rise..fall..and who can MAKE it rise again!!!

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