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hat do you mean by a "spider"?

  Spider is the search engine industry's "technical" term for a computer program that visits sites and then follows their hyperlinks--adding each page it finds along the way. There are very few true spiders on the web right now as most of today's engines are satisfied just to search through results found in existing databases rather than designing software to go "out" on its own crawling the web (Of course, we at Azoos, like to think that we're running the web rather than merely crawling it)! The Azoos spider is somewhat unique in that it visits websites under the pretenses of our own proprietary formula--selecting only certain pages for inclusion in the database.

How can I make my site #1 in your search listings? 
  Anyone who claims they can re-design your web site to make it appear higher in a particular search engine's results is only painting a picture of half truths for you. Even the most skilled search engine analysts cannot predict precisely what Internet users are going to type into search engine forms. While you might be successful at becoming the number one listing under a phrase such as "computer shopping," your potential customers might actually be typing in "computer shopping in New York," "online computer shopping," "shopping for computers with large amounts of memory," and so many other zillions of word combinations that just happen to contain variations of your particular phrase. Each word in the user's search query will have an impact on the results they receive making it difficult for webmasters to put themselves into any "number one" position that's really going to be consistently worthwhile. Our best advice is not to aim for a number 1 listing with any particular search engine...Instead, focus on ensuring that your site's text is highly relevant to its content and you'll see yourself getting more and more hits from the net's coolest search engine - Azoos.Com!

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Part of the secret formula behind Azoos involves actual human thought, input, and labor. Most search engines were created by robots --blindly pacing the Internet's darkest corners in search of any ol' link to any ol' website. But Azoos was developed by human beings who had years of experience using internet search technologies as part of their everyday lives. Fed up with the lack of humanity in web search results, these pioneers spent many sleepless nights putting together their own lists containing hundreds of thousands of URLs in virtually every category imaginable. This initial list was made virtually by hand... with countless hours of human thought, ingenuity, and labor involved.  Only then was each and every link fed to Azoos to visit and to at a time. The same care, discipline, and persistence that went into the creation of Azoos now goes into its continued maintenance. From the results we provide to the emails we answer each day, Azoos.Com is truly a search engine built by people...for people...

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